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Who are you?

Frank Coggins.

Where are you?

Copenhagen, Denmark in front of a computer.

What date is it today?

6th march 2009.

What is in your pockets right now?

A pile of tissues and a mobile phone.

What is bmx?

A very diverse way to have allot of fun in your own way at your own pace…on the best version of the best invention!..with the odd ramp…the 2nd best invention!

Describe your riding.

Ramps,spinning,sketchy,smooth and forever learning and re learning.

Describe your biggest bmx adventure.

I moved to Chicago for 1.5 yrs when I was 19 yrs old to ride bmx,didn’t have a clue what I was doing or what was going to be the end of me but I survived it and learned allot.But my new lifestyle choice here in Copenhagen feels pretty adventurous

What is the most kilometers/ miles you have been away from home?

Dublin to Chicago?

If you should predict the next bmx fashion, what is it going to be?

Probably girls mini skirts or fake tans!who knows maybe the fullface might creep back in there,it’s all circles,swings and roundabouts.Im putting my own one back on this year,maybe it’s the aging thing,the pussy thing or the vert thing.Im hitting the vert ramp regularly these days which is fantastic fun but wouldn’t touch it without the proper lid,which is something you gotta get used to.

Top ten most played songs for you?

Roxy music:

(1.if there is something)


(actually all of roxy music)

Of montreal,

Shout out louds,



Architecture in Helsinki,

Broken social scene,

Explosions in the sky,

Paul weller,

Smashing pumpkins.

I know they are mostly band names but hey…!

What are your bad habits?

Just the one beer too many,


Not eating,

Staying up way too late,

Over working myself.

What are some of your daily rituals?

Allot of coffee,
Allot of computer,
Allot of riding,
f..king with my girlfriends cats!its a warzone up in here!!

Favorite movie quote?

“This living till your dead is a tough gig”(forget the flick it was in)

Favorite song lyrics?

“I was born here and il die here, against my will!” (bob Dylan)

Have you been to a Roskilde Festival?

I certainly have, that is one event that could sink a man!

Do you wash whites with colours?


First bmx bike?

A president? First official new bike with all the bling was a chrome Dyno Comp.

How many languages can you order a beer in?


Places you have to ride before bmx is done?

Would really like to go ride woodward for a few weeks, must be something special to have all that in the one place while away from all distractions.

Word Association:

Fun – vert
Trouble – trouble
Beer – trouble
Crash – vert
Drama – people
Fashion – fads
Stress – cancer
Pain – break

You run a company called Ramp Riders, and own a complete portable skatepark. Tell us what Ramp Riders is, how the ramp thing works for you, and the whole idea behind the thing.

Ramp-riders is a company I set up 3 maybe 4 years ago.Riding ramps is what im really all about,I love them all and that’s what Ramp-riders is all about.We are ramp/park builders,we also have our own arsenal of mobile ramp equipment that we do shows on,showing all aspects of ramp-riding as in all desciplines,bmx,inline and skate,and we provide ramps for other peoples events be it competitions,shows or just arrive and ride day outs.I have just moved a whole bunch of equipment over from Ireland here into a warehouse in Roskilde,Denmark where we are currently operating from,The new HQ is going to be amazing when we get it finished,it will have a huge spine mini,a jumpbox rhythm section,a bunch of hips,foam pit and eventually resi ramp,I think im also going to build a vert ramp there soon with a foam pit hanging off the side of it and a bunch of other stuff when we can.So the ramp-rider team will have everything at their disposal to progress in a safe environment and put on shit hot shows when the time comes up.There is also a work shop there obviously so we can manufacture ramps and equipment for sale.We are very passionate and very good at what we do in both shows and ramp building and our goal is to get out to as many events/festivals as possible in both Ireland and Denmark in 09 and with any luck get out even further into Europe.We have a huge mobile skatepark with anything and everything in the mix, and we can obviously build anything else that is required by potential clients/event organizers,to be sure we provide the best tailor made set up for individual demands and individual budgets both big or small. Our goal is to be the number 1 contact for events/shows and ramp building.Our ability to design crazy ramps or modify existing parks/bowls with new age thinking that works, is a 6th sense.It just takes myself and Travis a couple of seconds to have a wrap(chat) about something and we got it sorted in our heads where we are going with the build,its quite cool really!!There is such a thing as too many cooks spoiling the broth..2 cooks, works for us perfectly!! check out our website www.ramp-riders.com and our new blogwww.ramp-riders.com/blog this will have our latest shows,rampbuild updates,random current event bits in bmx,short edits from individual team members,video sections from the new HQ and just everything we will be up to,events we will be putting on ourselves and background info and video of how it all goes down,it should be interesting and fun so tune in.

Question from Jimmy Röstlund: Why did you move to Denmark and how many smørrebrod have you eaten since?

Hey Jimmy, yeah i moved to Denmark because of my Danish girlfriend and also that I like it here,the scene is cool and currently being developed with a few new spots so real soon it will be really rad!!i like the good people of Copenhagen.I couldn’t say how many smørrebrod i`ve actually had since I`ve been here,not my style of eatin though.

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