Hal 12, Roskilde, Denmark

May 22nd, 2010Posted in: Frank, Photo

Frank finished another nice project, this time in Roskilde, Denmark. Hal12 is ready to be ridden. Such a nice piece of work.22may-hal12-0 22may-hal12-1

Pics of hal 12. || Colour Pics of hal 12. || Black and White

Jeremy on the cover of Soul BMX Magazine

May 22nd, 2010Posted in: Jeremy, Photo

Jeremy landed on the cover of the latest issue of Soul BMX Magazine out of France. Along with the magazine, Jeremy finished his Compression DVD project, which will be sent with the magazine. Very nice indeed.

 || Colour  || Black and White

Oba interview in Ride

May 22nd, 2010Posted in: Oba

Oba has an interview in Ride UK issue 137. Go get a copy and check it out.

 || Colour  || Black and White

Zach, Rochester, NY

May 22nd, 2010Posted in: Bike Checks, Photo

Zach out of Rochester, NY sent in photos of his Weaver. Nice bike. If you have photos of your bike, send them in and we’ll post them. Thanks Zach.22may-myride-0 22may-myride-1 22may-myride-2 22may-myride-3

Picture of Zach's BMX bike || Colour Picture of Zach's BMX bike || Black and White

Marks Barcelona Photos

May 22nd, 2010Posted in: Mark, Photo

Mark sent in some more photos from the stay in Barcelona.22may-mark-0 22may-mark-1 22may-mark-2 22may-mark-3 22may-mark-4 22may-mark-5 22may-mark-6 22may-mark-7

Mark having a romantic walk with his BMX along the mediterranian ocean  || Colour Mark having a romantic walk with his BMX along the mediterranian ocean  || Black and White

Shoji's Japan Demo

May 22nd, 2010Posted in: Photo, Shoji

Shoji recently did a demo for a shop in the Japaneese countryside. Mr Fujiwara shot some nice photos of the riding.

22may-shojidemo-0 22may-shojidemo-1 22may-shojidemo-2 22may-shojidemo-3 22may-shojidemo-4 22may-shojidemo-5
Shoji Tanaka || Colour Shoji Tanaka || Black and White

3 great photos of Ed

May 22nd, 2010Posted in: Eduards, Photo
22may-ed3-0 22may-ed3-1 22may-ed3-2

Three really nice photos of Ed riding in Latvia.

Photo of Eduards Zunda doing a no hander || Colour Photo of Eduards Zunda doing a no hander || Black and White

Ed Photo

May 18th, 2010Posted in: Eduards, Photo

Ed recently went back to his parents place, and spent a little time at the jumps. He sent in this photo from the session. He said he wasn’t sure if he could still jump, but let’s let the photo speak for itself.

 || Colour  || Black and White

Concrete waves jam

May 18th, 2010Posted in: Eduards, Video

Ed rode at the Concrete Waves Jam in France, and has a bunch of nice clips in this edit. Good stuff!

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Eduards doing a nice lookback || Colour Eduards doing a nice lookback || Black and White

Burgers Bike

May 18th, 2010Posted in: Bike Checks

Thomas “Burger” Buur from Roskilde, Denmark sent in some nice photos of his Weaver setup. Nice!

Feel free to send in photos of your bike too, and we will post them.18may-burger-0 18may-burger-1 18may-burger-2

Picture of Burgers bike || Colour Picture of Burgers bike || Black and White