Jeremy Vans edit

January 4th, 2011Posted in: Jeremy, Video

Vans just dropped this edit of Jeremy.

So good!

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Jeremy Vans edit || Colour Jeremy Vans edit || Black and White

James edit

January 3rd, 2011Posted in: James, Video

James has another edit out through Hardcore Hobbies.


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James HH edit || Colour James HH edit || Black and White

Dry Dock

January 2nd, 2011Posted in: Photo, Sascha

A few summers ago, a friend of mine sent a text saying that they had drained the local dry dock to do some repairs. Once the water had gone a very nice halfpipe appeared.
We packed the car and hit the road as soon as we could.

This photo here is perhaps the only one I shot before rushing down the stairs to ride this place. It features Sascha getting ahead of the bunch. On the other side of the dock was another quarter, so you could just pump and get up there.

A photo from a good day.
(Click the photo to see the full size)

Dry Dock || Colour Dry Dock || Black and White

Print advert

December 30th, 2010Posted in: Advert, Jeremy

Here is our latest print advert, which runs in DIG Magazine.

Featuring Jeremy and the signature frame, the Lombric.

This frame is hitting stores in January.

Click on the photo to see the advert in full size.

DIG advert || Colour DIG advert || Black and White

Oba in the 718 DVD

December 28th, 2010Posted in: Oba, Video

Oba has some good clips in this 718 DVD promo edit.
Ending the edit with nice stuff like backside boneless wallplants, backwards rails and a good ninja drop (3:33 into the mix).
Well done.

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Oba 718 || Colour Oba 718 || Black and White

Adrian at the Lucia Jam

December 27th, 2010Posted in: Adrian, Video

Adrian took first place at this years Lucia Jam in Sundsvall, Sweden.

Here is a small edit from the riding at the jam, edited by Philip Lundman.

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Adrian Lucia || Colour Adrian Lucia || Black and White

Oba bike check

December 26th, 2010Posted in: Bike Checks, Oba, Video

Oba has a bikecheck up on ESPN.

Filmed and edited by Matt Brown.

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Oba check || Colour Oba check || Black and White

Patrick gif by Kai

December 23rd, 2010Posted in: Patrick, Photo

Kai Kuusisto shot some sequences of Patrick and created some nice animated Gif’s.

Click here to see a manual 180.

Click here to see a nice nosewheelie.

And click here to see a railride 180.

Thanks Kai!

Patrick GIF || Colour Patrick GIF || Black and White

Jeremy in Vans French Team edit

December 21st, 2010Posted in: Jeremy, Video

Jeremy has been working on the Vans French Team edit.

Here’s the teaser for it.

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Jeremy Vans || Colour Jeremy Vans || Black and White

Random Pim Photos

December 20th, 2010Posted in: Photo, Pim

Here is a good selection of random photos of Pim. Doubleflips and all.

Pim is running his own skatepark with his dad and making a lot of things happen in Holland. Good stuff.

37346_1429698655499_1023833013_1252859_1990456_n 37352_1429699735526_1023833013_1252872_7252429_n 37346_1429698855504_1023833013_1252864_1166749_n 37346_1429698815503_1023833013_1252863_3794730_n 37352_1429699615523_1023833013_1252869_1749126_n 37352_1429699495520_1023833013_1252866_7523092_n 36031_1429700375542_1023833013_1252875_505969_n 69097_1550290670224_1023833013_1564930_4807835_n 68771_1550290750226_1023833013_1564931_5049232_n 67314_1550290430218_1023833013_1564928_7634147_n 67142_1628367862105_1023833013_1716562_3945374_n 39415_1619894250270_1023833013_1699456_7827411_n 37352_1429699815528_1023833013_1252874_8072050_n 37352_1429699775527_1023833013_1252873_3604594_n 37352_1429699695525_1023833013_1252871_304514_n 37352_1429699575522_1023833013_1252868_7271608_n 37346_1429698775502_1023833013_1252862_6856814_n 37346_1429698735501_1023833013_1252861_3272996_n 37346_1429698695500_1023833013_1252860_3210043_n 37346_1429698615498_1023833013_1252858_3841948_n 37346_1429698575497_1023833013_1252857_735449_n 37346_1429698535496_1023833013_1252856_5025316_n 37346_1429698495495_1023833013_1252855_2912716_n 35419_1429698015483_1023833013_1252854_3936836_n 35419_1429697975482_1023833013_1252853_1754074_n 35419_1429697935481_1023833013_1252852_3611922_n 35419_1429697855479_1023833013_1252850_1515712_n 35419_1429697815478_1023833013_1252849_4004433_n 35419_1429697735476_1023833013_1252847_7004090_n 35419_1429697695475_1023833013_1252846_3125757_n 35419_1429697655474_1023833013_1252845_7365913_n 35419_1429697775477_1023833013_1252848_5106148_n
Pim || Colour Pim || Black and White