MON advert

November 27th, 2013Posted in: Advert, MON, Video

Here’s a little alternative edit from MON.

Click here to watch.

MON Advert || Colour MON Advert || Black and White

Patrick edit

November 25th, 2013Posted in: Patrick, Video

Patrick is back on the bike after the knee had some time to recover.

Here are some clips from the summer.

Go Patrick!

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Patrick summer 2013 || Colour Patrick summer 2013 || Black and White

Eduards wins DeFise

November 22nd, 2013Posted in: Eduards, Video

Following last years The Hunt videopart success, Eddie proceeded to win this years DeFise contest.

Congrats Eddie!

Filmed and edited by JANIS CUNCULIS

Click here to watch.

Eddie Defise || Colour Eddie Defise || Black and White

Ole, HomeTownGlory edit

November 6th, 2013Posted in: Ole, Video

All you need to do is watch this.
Ole at his best.

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Ole Hometown glory || Colour Ole Hometown glory || Black and White

On Day, One Dude. Thomas Calcagno

October 24th, 2013Posted in: Interview, Thomas, Video

Thomas has a good interview and edit up on Freedom.

Always a treat to get to watch Thomas ride. Constantly a big smile on the face.

Check it out here.

one day one dude thomas c || Colour one day one dude thomas c || Black and White

Ed, Adrian and Sacha park edit

August 26th, 2013Posted in: Adrian, Eduards, Sascha, Video

Eddie, Adrian and Sascha managed to fit in some park time while staying in Germany for the BMX Rider Magazine trip.

Woozy spent some time behind the camera, and here’s the result.

Click here to watch.

park edit adrian ed sascha || Colour park edit adrian ed sascha || Black and White

James 2013 edit

August 26th, 2013Posted in: James, Video

James put in some time with the camera to clock footage for a 2013 edit.

As always, style and flow and just plain good bmx.

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James 2013 edit || Colour James 2013 edit || Black and White

Ed Winning Part / The Hunt

August 26th, 2013Posted in: Eduards, Video

Eddies winning part from the Hunt is online.
If you have not already checked it out, you should do so now.
Absolutely amazing!

Click here to watch.

Ed's the hunt part || Colour Ed's the hunt part || Black and White

Ole x Focalpoint

August 26th, 2013Posted in: Ole

Ole sent in this edit for the Primary x Focalpoint videocontest.
According to Ole, these are leftover clips from his upcoming edit.
Legit leftovers!

Robin Helgesen is the man behind this edit.

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Ole Focalpoint  || Colour Ole Focalpoint  || Black and White

Simple team at Roskilde

August 26th, 2013Posted in: James, Ole, Patrick, Video

A large chunk of the team came over again this summer to ride, hang out and party at the Roskilde Festival.

Samual Segawa was here to document, and here’s the edit to follow.

Good times!

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Simple team Roskilde 2013 || Colour Simple team Roskilde 2013 || Black and White