James screenshot

March 10th, 2011Posted in: James, Photo

Here is a video still of James, courtesy of Ben Green.

Looking forward to the next James edit.

James video still  || Colour James video still  || Black and White

Patrick edit

March 9th, 2011Posted in: Patrick, Video

Patrick just finished an edit from an evening at the indoor park.

Place looks like a lot of fun.

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pate indoor session || Colour pate indoor session || Black and White

DIG 81 print advert

March 8th, 2011Posted in: Advert, Eduards

Here is our print advert featured in DIG 81.

Eddie up there.

If you haven’t picked up your copy of the magazine yet, go get it. Amazing as always.
There is also a nice article about Eddies Carhartt trip to Japan in the same issue.

Click on the photo to see the advert full size.

Ed advert dig 81 || Colour Ed advert dig 81 || Black and White

Jeremy by Chase Long

March 7th, 2011Posted in: Jeremy, Photo

Jeremy by Chase Long.

Proper clicked.

jeremy by long || Colour jeremy by long || Black and White


March 6th, 2011Posted in: Adrian, Photo

Adrian sent in this phone photo of his hip after crashing a flair.


adrian flair || Colour adrian flair || Black and White

Mark Vos at the Session

March 5th, 2011Posted in: Mark, Video

Philip K├Âlsch followed Mark at the Session and just brought out this edit documenting the days spent in Estonia.

The photo seen here is shot by Janis Dreimanis.

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Mark at the session || Colour Mark at the session || Black and White

Eddie in the US

March 4th, 2011Posted in: Eduards, Video

A few months back, Ed went to the US on a trip with Arthur Dietrich.

New York, L.A. and San Diego.

Here’s an edit from their trip.

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Ed US || Colour Ed US || Black and White

James Purpl edit

March 3rd, 2011Posted in: James, Video

James has some nice clips in this edit for Purpl.

A mix edit with a couple of UK riders. (James at 1:22).

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James Purpl || Colour James Purpl || Black and White

Eduards Pull In ad

March 2nd, 2011Posted in: Advert, Eduards

Pull In ran their latest advert with Eduards.

A portrait and a disassembled bike to spell the “E” of Eds first name

Advert is shot by kaspars alksnis.

ed pull in || Colour ed pull in || Black and White

Compression part II

March 1st, 2011Posted in: Jeremy, Video

Jeremy just released part II of the Compression DVD.

This is the Breizh bit which deals with the Brittany area in western France.

Filmed and edited by Hadrien Picard.

Now, off to France to ride trails.

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compression part two || Colour compression part two || Black and White