Jeremy on AmIWheel

March 23rd, 2011Posted in: Jeremy, Photo

Jeremy has some nice photos up on AmIWheel

Get scrolling. jemsami jemsami1

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Jocke edit

March 22nd, 2011Posted in: Video

Jocke Olsson from Stockholm Sweden has been sporting Simple frames for the past many years.

Here’s an edit with Jocke putting an Enigma frame to good use.

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M.O.N's new ride

March 21st, 2011Posted in: Bike Checks, MON

Here is a snap of M.O.N’S new ride.

Expect a new edit out soon.

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Thomas, welcome to the team

March 20th, 2011Posted in: Thomas, Video

We are very happy to welcome Thomas Calcagno to the team.

Thomas lives in Toulouse, France, and is an all round good guy.

Check out his most recent edit here shot and edited by Alex Baret, the photo is shot by Vincent Perraud.

Welcome Thomas!

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March 19th, 2011Posted in: Video

Theo, our french flow rider through Toads distribution and East Pro Shop has a new edit out on Soul.

Check it out here.

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The Lombric Rack

March 18th, 2011Posted in: Jeremy, Photo

Jeremy is out testing the rack for the Lombric.

DIY engineering at it’s best. rack rack1 rack2 rack3

jems rack || Colour jems rack || Black and White

Jeremy clips by Vans

March 17th, 2011Posted in: Jeremy, Video

Vans released some more clips that has not been published before.

Jeremy has some really nice clips in here. For some reason they did not make it into his Vans part.

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Sam Marden photos

March 16th, 2011Posted in: Photo, Sam

Sam sent in some riding snaps from a few indoor and outdoor sessions in the UK.

Good to have you on the team mate. Sam Sam1 Sam2 Sam3 Sam4 Sam5 Sam6 Sam7 Sam8 Sam9 Sam10 Sam11

Sam || Colour Sam || Black and White

Patricks new ride

March 15th, 2011Posted in: Bike Checks, Patrick

The Tradeshow in Finland just finished, and Patrick got to build and ride his new setup.
EZ frame and matching torino forks and jetset bars.

Patrick has now been on the team for a year. Good stuff.

Here’s a sneakpeak of the new ride.
Expect a proper bikecheck soon.

pate ride || Colour pate ride || Black and White

Shoji edit

March 14th, 2011Posted in: Shoji, Video

Shoji is stuck in the UK waiting for things to calm down in Tokyo so he can go back home.

Meanwhile, he shot this split edit with Joe Embrey.

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shojijoeedit || Colour shojijoeedit || Black and White