Jeremy - Best trails edit in France

January 6th, 2012Posted in: Jeremy, Video

Soul Magazine just had an awards show finding the best edits of 2011 in France.

Jeremy was nominated in the Trails/Dirt category, and ended up taking the win with all 4 judges pointing at him.

Congratulations Jems!

Here’s the edit that put Jeremy through.

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Jems Soul Awards || Colour Jems Soul Awards || Black and White

Ed in Vans Let it Ride #2

January 5th, 2012Posted in: Eduards, Video

Eddie was on Team #2 on this years Vans Let it Ride trip.

The edit just dropped, and here’s the footage:

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Ed Let it Ride || Colour Ed Let it Ride || Black and White

DIG print advert

January 2nd, 2012Posted in: Advert, Sam

DIG advert, featuring Mr. Sam Marden.

Shot by Fred Murray.

Go get your copy of the mag. It’s good!

(click on the image to view full size)

DIG Marden ad.  || Colour DIG Marden ad.  || Black and White

M.O.N edit

December 30th, 2011Posted in: MON, Video

M.O.N sent out a new edit.
Tech as always. Hang5 to whip… Hang5 to barspin.

Very nice indeed.

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MON edit || Colour MON edit || Black and White

Vans Let It Ride

December 29th, 2011Posted in: Eduards, Video

Eduards went on this years Let It Ride trip, and the edit will drop soon.

Here’s a teaser.

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Vans Let it ride 2011 || Colour Vans Let it ride 2011 || Black and White

Adrian Carhartt Edit

December 28th, 2011Posted in: Adrian, Video

Adrian’s been at it again, this time with an edit for Carhartt.

Check it out.

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Adrian Carhartt Edit || Colour Adrian Carhartt Edit || Black and White

Adrian edit

December 19th, 2011Posted in: Adrian, Video

Adrian has a good edit out, filmed at the practice warmup of this years Lucia Jam in Sweden.


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adrian lucia edit || Colour adrian lucia edit || Black and White

Thomas C soundcheck

December 17th, 2011Posted in: Thomas

Thomas has a soundcheck up on the Savakas blog.

Click here if you want to know more about the tunes og Thomas’ choice.

Thomas soundcheck || Colour Thomas soundcheck || Black and White

Zunda at the Rebel Jam

December 12th, 2011Posted in: Eduards, Video

Here’s a little edit from practice at the Rebel Jam in Eindhoven.

We were present in a lot of different areas there. Pim was the man behind the construction of the ramps, Eddie and Adrian rode the contest, Thomas C and Mark hung out and drank beer, and Mike DeWit, Paul DeJong (our dutch distributor) and myself judged the contest. The entire team, no matter where in the contest they were did what they could to support the dutch breweries.

Filmed and edited by our Latvian distributor, Par BMX.

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eddie at the rebel jam || Colour eddie at the rebel jam || Black and White

Eduards Copenhagen edit

December 5th, 2011Posted in: Eduards, Video

Eddie’s Carhartt edit was just released, and here’s another one already.

Some clips from Copenhagen.

Tom Silins did the editing.

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zunda copenhagen edit.  || Colour zunda copenhagen edit.  || Black and White