Eduards in Spain

March 20th, 2012Posted in: Eduards

Carhartt project. Destination Spain.
Eduards is on it.
Expect good things from this.

Eduards Destination Spain || Colour Eduards Destination Spain || Black and White

Jérémy Lepennedu Bike Check

March 20th, 2012Posted in: Bike Checks

Jérémy Lepennedu aka Mim is a very kind french elite racer who also shred riding trails and dirt contest with incredible flow.
When not racing, he flows the trails on a Weaver.

Here are some photos of his nice ride.

Click to see full size.

bike check Mim || Colour bike check Mim || Black and White

Adrian photos from Las Palmas

March 10th, 2012Posted in: Adrian, Photo

Pedro Glez B from Las Palmas shot some very nice snaps of Adrian during the stay.

If you haven’t seen the edit yet, click here._MG_0961 _MG_0983 _MG_1011-Editar _MG_1062-Editar _MG_1651-Editar _MG_1682-Editar _MG_1758-Editar-2-Editar Adrian Malmberg secuencia20adrianmalberg_

Adrian Las Palmas Photos || Colour Adrian Las Palmas Photos || Black and White

Adrian on the Jocke Olsson Show

March 9th, 2012Posted in: Adrian, Video

Here’s a nice edit (in Swedish) from the Jocke Olsson Show.

Good riding clips, and a good snowboard battle between Jocke and Adrian too.
Very nice indeed.

Click here to watch.

Adrian JOS || Colour Adrian JOS || Black and White

Mark on the Wall

March 8th, 2012Posted in: Mark, Video

Mark’s let loose in his local park.
As you would expect, he’s wallriding everything in there.

Mark got injured trying to hit the roof, but is back on the bike again.

Click click.

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Mark on the wall || Colour Mark on the wall || Black and White

Adrian Bike Check

March 6th, 2012Posted in: Adrian, Bike Checks, Video

Adrian set up a new bike, and here’s a little interview mixed in with some riding.

Click here to watch.

Adrian Bike check || Colour Adrian Bike check || Black and White

Thomas / Unity #2

March 3rd, 2012Posted in: Thomas, Video

Second part of the Unity trip.

Calcagno. Go Thomas.

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Thomas Unity 2 || Colour Thomas Unity 2 || Black and White

Patrick Scraps

March 2nd, 2012Posted in: Patrick, Video

If these are scraps, you know the proper clips have to be good.


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patrick scraps || Colour patrick scraps || Black and White

Thomas C. Unity tour

March 1st, 2012Posted in: Thomas, Video

Thomas went on a Unity trip to Hamburg Germany and shot some clips.
Part is filmed and edited by Marcus Wilke.

This is part 1 of 3.

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Thomas Unity 1 || Colour Thomas Unity 1 || Black and White

Adrian in Las Palmas

February 28th, 2012Posted in: Adrian, Video

Adrian filmed a really nice edit on his holidays in Las Palmas.

Filmed and edited by Chris Tate.

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adrian las palmas || Colour adrian las palmas || Black and White