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French Bowl Jam

August 25th, 2009Posted in: Event

Through our French distributor, Toads, we are sponsoring a bowl and trail jam at this very nice skatepark from 1978. Along the snakerun there will be a nice line of trails. The place looks absolutely amazing!

We have a Weaver frame up for grabs.

Pic of snakerun/bowl || Colour Pic of snakerun/bowl || Black and White

Skogås Jam in Stockholm

August 25th, 2009Posted in: Adrian, Travis, Video

The annual Skogås Jam in Stockholm, Sweden just took place, and we had Adrian and Travis there representing on the ramps, and in the bar. Adrian ended up taking first place ahead of Stefan Lantschner and Javier Ortega. Well done Adde! There is a nice edit from the event on

Click here to see the edit.

Adrian with sunglasses || Colour Adrian with sunglasses || Black and White


August 25th, 2009Posted in: Jimmy, Product

Jimmy skecthed a few new angles of the rims in the computer. This gives you a good idea of the cut of the rims, and how they are designed. The rim featured on the left is the Keypit and the other is the Plainan.

Computers eh!.

Pic of Rims || Colour Pic of Rims || Black and White

Coffee Collective

August 25th, 2009Posted in: Wheels

I (Niels) have just been picked up to ride for a danish coffee roastery and café called the Coffee Collective. They already had a bit of a skateteam, and have now expanded the team with bmx as well. What could be better than representing young entrepreneurs who are into bikes, and who make absolutely amazing coffee. I am expecting to be up many nights in a row hyped on caffeine.

Click here to go to the Coffee Collective website.

Pic of Coffee Mmm  || Colour Pic of Coffee Mmm  || Black and White

Introducing our first completebike; MLT

August 25th, 2009Posted in: Jimmy, Malte, Photo, Product

Jimmy got very excited about the news that we were expecting a little son and future teamrider, Malte, and went ahead and drew a really nice new bike for the little fella. It’s such a nice project, and we are doing the best we can to make this happen as an actual bike, and not just a sketch in the computer. Stay tuned for more on this. So far it features the Eject hub, and will have as many of our products from the line as possible. Jimmy put a bit more text and pics behind it on his blog. Thank you so much Jimmy!

Click here to see more.

Pic of the MLT || Colour Pic of the MLT || Black and White

Broken Peter

August 25th, 2009Posted in: Peter, Photo

Peter sent in a few photos and a little text: Maybe brakeless 3 pegged aging streetriders shouldnt try to ride trails with manual bumps. But I did and completely overshot the landning on the 3rd set, put my shoulder in the ground. Hard. And this is the result. Now I have a steel pin inside the collarbone. Its been there for almost six weeks now on will be there for 5 more. It hurts and itches an I’m missing 2months of potential summer street riding. Moral of the story? Don’t crash.25august-peter_sm 25august-peter-0 25august-peter-1 25august-peter-2

X-Ray of Peter's shoulder || Colour X-Ray of Peter's shoulder || Black and White

Denmark Sweden Roadtrip

August 25th, 2009Posted in: Adrian, Dan, Eduards, Mark, Mitch, Scott, Shoji, Shozo, Travis, Video

Badjo just finished putting his clips together from the Sweden, Denmark roadtrip with the team this summer. The edit features dan foley, travis johnston, adrian malmberg, shoji tanaka, shozo tanaka, mark vos, mitch yeates, scott lacey and eduards zunda. Some really nice spots, and some very nice riding.

Click here to see the edit. Good work Badjo!

Pic from video || Colour Pic from video || Black and White

Oba hops high

August 24th, 2009Posted in: Oba

Oba recently won the King of New York high bunnyhop contest with a hop at 43″. Boy’s got pop.

Congrats Oba!

Oba ice pink grinding uprail || Colour Oba ice pink grinding uprail || Black and White

Peter Louv Copenhagen Edit

August 15th, 2009Posted in: Video

Local Copenhagen rider, Peter Louv, put together an edit with a lot of clips featuring most of the Simple teamriders cruising.

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Ed doing stuff || Colour Ed doing stuff || Black and White

Eduards UK edit

August 15th, 2009Posted in: Eduards, Video

After the summer stay in Copenhagen, Eduards moved on to a week of riding and partying in the UK with the Tanaka bros. Despite a lot of rain there was enough clips to make a new really nice edit.

Ed’s almost bringing out a new edit once a week these days. Thanks again to for the editing of the clips.

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Pic from video || Colour Pic from video || Black and White
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